Andrew Prototypes

By Adobe Muse Team


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This library collection includes a number of handy elements for building out a web site prototype in minutes. The set includes:
  • Circle -- A simple circle rendered with HTML embed code that can be styled with size, line weight and background transparency.
  • Countdown -- A simple countdown widget with HTML embed code that includes years, months, days, hours and minutes.
  • Line -- Simple single stroked container for easy line generation that can be styled with line weight and color.
  • Lorum Ipsum Generator -- HTML embed code widget that allows you to quickly generate lorum ipsum or Romeo and Juliet text in a variety of lengths. Can be styled to alter typeface attributes (spacing, color, typeface).
  • Lorum Pixel -- Brought to you by, this widget allows you to create a variety of image containers with a randomly generated image organized by themes, in color or grayscale.
  • Lorum Body, Bullets and Headline -- Simply styled text containers for the quick creation of prototype content.
  • -- Brought to you by this HTML embed widget updates a height and width value of any resized rectangle. 
  • Placekitten -- Brought to you by Place Kitten this HTML embed widget delivers a unique kitten photo based on the current size of the resized container.