Lance's Sample MuCows

By The Adobe Muse Team


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These are some example widgets created with MuCow source XML by Lance of the Adobe Muse team. [Note: these widgets are not necessarily meant for production use -- they are more geared to show other MuCow developers how to extend XML file structure for additional functionality.] The library file includes several useful widgets: 

  • Line widget that supports horizontal & vertical lines, plus multiple line styles
  • Simple list
  • Page embed widget 
  • Sliding text 
  • Sliding image
  • Contact link widget which is more difficult for spammers to read the email address out of
  • Current date widget

Also included in the zip file are all the mucow files used to create these widgets, plus mucow files for additional samples like 5x5 table, BC template, BuiltIn, Calculator, Formula, HTML Text tag, and Text Citation.

If you have comments or questions please feel free to submit them to the MuCow Prerelease forum.