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As Adobe continues to re-focus on developing products and solutions that provide our customers with the most value, we are now announcing the end of new feature development for Adobe Muse CC.



On March 26, 2018 we will release the final feature improvement release of Adobe Muse. We will continue to offer technical support to all active Creative Cloud customers until March 26, 2020. Please see the Frequently Asked Questions and Answers section for further details.



Adobe is committed to delivering exceptional software and services to our customers. It’s in our nature to innovate and try new things, and it was in this spirit that we started developing Muse eight years ago. While we’ve been deeply committed to the Muse vision, we’ve come to recognize trends in website creation that have led us to evolve our strategy:

  • Designers that are actively engaged in creating complex websites and applications are investing in UX design and prototyping skills while partnering with development teams to bring their designs to life.
  • For simpler websites, we’ve seen the emergence of Do-It-Yourself (DIY) website creators that leverage customizable templates to quickly create responsive websites that can be easily modified by the designer or a client.

We thank our users and want to help them make a smooth transition to other Adobe offerings that can solve their specific needs:

  • If you are building complex websites and applications, you can now use Adobe XD.  Although XD does not generate web-ready code as Adobe Muse did, XD is an all-in-one solution that allows users to design, prototype and collaborate with stakeholders and developers to bring their websites to life.  Additional details here.
  • If you are building a website to showcase your creative work, you can use Adobe Portfolio to create beautiful portfolio websites that can also be connected to the Behance platform.  Additional details here.
  • If you are building one-page websites, such as photo stories, newsletters, or landing pages, you can use Adobe Spark Page to create beautiful responsive web pages with your own unique brand. Additional details here.

In addition to these offerings, Adobe is making our own investment in DIY website creation and welcomes all Muse customers to join our upcoming pre-release program for a new format that will be introduced this year as part of Adobe Spark.  Additional details here.


Adobe Muse Product Announcement

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Does this affect all Muse customers? 

What is the timeframe?
The Muse team will stop developing features as of the March 26, 2018. We will continue to offer technical support to all active Creative Cloud customers until March 26, 2020.

I know you’re no longer developing Muse, but will the program stop working on March 26, 2020 when support ends?
No, the Muse application will continue to open on your computer. You will be able to continue to edit existing or create new websites with the application, however it is quite possible that web standards and browsers will continue to change after Adobe stops support for the application. After March 26, 2020 Adobe will no longer deliver compatibility updates with the Mac and Windows OS or fix any bugs that might crop up when publishing Muse sites to the web.

What kind of help and support resources can I rely on going forward?
The Adobe Muse Microsite will continue to be available to users until support ends on May 26, 2020. Although no new content will be added to the Events, Tutorials or Site of the Day pages, the Muse Widget Directory will continue to be updated with current widget availability during this timeframe. For technical assistance you can continue to reach out to the Adobe Muse team until our end of support date by way of Customer Care, the public Muse forum, and social media channels like Facebook and Twitter.

What happens to my existing Muse-built website? Will it disappear?
Websites built with Adobe Muse will continue to be live on the internet in the case of any third-party hosting platform such as GoDaddy or Bluehost (for example). Sites hosted on Business Catalyst will have to be re-published to another hosting platform to remain live after March 26, 2021 when Business Catalyst hosting is no longer available. Please see the Business Catalyst announcement for more details.

I have licensed/downloaded Muse widgets from one of your widget partners. Will my widgets continue to work after Adobe stops Muse support?
This will be up to the individual widget provider. If you are paying for an annual subscription plan with them you should touch base to see what their official support plans are going forward.

Will widgets that I purchased from one of your widget partners work with Behance Portfolio, or Adobe Dreamweaver?
Unfortunately, no. All widgets developed for use with Adobe Muse are only compatible with Adobe Muse.


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