Muse Widget Directory Submission

If you create widgets for Adobe Muse we'd like to promote your work on the Adobe Muse Widget Directory. Follow the instructions below.

The world of Muse widgets and templates has exploded, yet with all of the powerful capabilities widgets bring to the Muse user base it is nonetheless still really hard to find them. To combat that the Muse team created the Adobe Muse Widget Directory, one central location where Muse users can find at least the majority of Muse widgets on the market. In order to be included in the new Muse Widget Directory please complete the following submission form, and we will notify you when your content is live.



Instructions for preparing your content:

  1. Download the Sample Widget Directory template. Replace the default values with specifics about your Adobe Muse widget(s). Important: if you have already submitted content and it is live please contact us first. We will send you a current spreadsheet and you can make changes from there.
  2. For each widget please include at least one image (up to three per widget) with the following:
    1. The images should ideally be a perfect square ratio (they will be used to generate a thumbnail and detailed preview).
    2. The first image will be used in the thumbnail view of the directory (example here). The Directory will automatically scale larger images, but a dimension of 423x423 is ideal.
    3. The (optional) second and third images should also be square in shape but can be larger in size.
  3. Collect all images and the completed spreadsheet and compress them into a single .zip file. Please add your vendor name to the compressed file.
  4. Complete the following submission form:


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