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Adobe Typekit Integration


Blogs, shopping carts, and other widgets (Jun-2015)

Auto-activated lightboxes (Jun-2015)

Editing Hyperlinks using In-browser Editing (Jun-2015)

Starter Designs

My Name Starter

Exposure Starter

Kahve Starter

Influence Starter

LooLoo Starter (Jun-2015)

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Clear Styles and Widget Content (Feb-2015)

Adobe Muse Site Plan Improvements (Feb-2015)

Text Enhancements In Adobe Muse (Feb-2015)

FTP Auto Detection and Secure Upload (Feb-2015)

Building your first website with Adobe Muse CC: Katie's Café (Jun-2014)


How to create a mobile website with Adobe Muse CC (Nov-2012)

Launching an Adobe Muse CC site to push it live (Apr-2012)

Form widgets (reCAPTCHA) in Adobe Muse CC (Aug-2014)



Find and replace in Adobe Muse CC (Oct-2014)

Vector art (SVG) in Adobe Muse CC (Oct-2014)

Synchronized text in Adobe Muse CC (Oct-2014)

Creating High Resolution Websites (Jun-2014)

Customizing Adobe Muse CC workspaces (Jun-2014)

Bullets and numbering in Adobe Muse CC (Aug-2014)

Self-hosted web fonts in Adobe Muse CC (Aug-2014)

Widgets in Adobe Muse CC (Jun-2013)

In-Browser Editing of websites (Jun-2014)


Using scroll effects in Adobe Muse CC (Jun-2013)

Strategies for Adobe Muse Site SEO (Nov-2012)

Using web fonts, web safe fonts, and system fonts


Inserting Adobe Edge Animate Content (Jul-2012)

Layers panel in Adobe Muse



Organizing and Using Elements in the Library Panel


Creating a Muse Customizable Widget (mucow) (Jun-2013)